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Now the world is in your hands...    Long distances no longer exist!


Say goodbye to expensive Roaming





With our  Virtual Numbers,  service, you’ll have a phone number of any country and you’ll be able to receive international calls in your PC or mobile phone, and if you have Internet you will be able to answer your calls on a softphone that can be used on your computer, mobile device or Android or iPhone and the caller pays only a local call.



¿Como configurar mi número virtual con Usatelk? 

With Usatelk you have 3 options to use your virtual number

Buy Usatelk Box > You get a virtual number of any country so that callers do not spend their balance on international calls and you will receive calls on a regular analog telephone, you only need to have Internet or LAN connection and Usatelk’s ATA router


Softphone Settings > We’ll send you the activation of a SIP account which can be setup on your PC or on a smartphone, you only need to download the Android or Iphone app and set your number to receive calls when you're connected to the Internet account.


Call Forwarding > You can forward your virtual number to an international local number so that if you call your virtual number it gets connected with the number of your friend or relative in another country and so there’s no need to buy cards, you only connect the call without dialing long numbers. You can also get an international number and callers to that number will connect you to your cell phone number in the United States or another country. The best is that Usatelk offers call forwarding at a low cost, which saves you a lot of money.

Advantages of Usatelk

     Voice services of the highest quality.

     Reduced service activation time.

     Receive calls immediately. 

     Log in to your account from the Web to check all the information in your account.

     Change the forwarding number at any time, changes are instantaneous.

     You can check the history of your calls.

    Answer your incoming calls at any place.



Request prices and availability of certain cities. Setting up your number takes approx. between 12 - 48 hours depending on availability. This is not an automated service, customization for each specific case is required, so we expect your communication through our customer service numbers or write to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.